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The Java Candies are an awt component library for Java 1.1. They were developed in 1998-1999 to support applet development projects at Europa Systems Ltd. The main design goals of this library are:
  • Provide any look and feel.
  • Small class file size for quick download.
  • Separable, such that components could be used alone, again for download speed.
  • Fast initialization, so that the user doesn't see a gray box.
Flexible look and feel was provided through the use of images for all aspects of the presentation.

The use of images requires the download of image content which is adverse to the other design goals, fast initialization and download speed. To recover this lost speed image filters were developed, such that many of the images could be created on the client. Image creation on the client is usually faster than downloading the same image. Initialization was sped up through the use of separate threads for the image download and/or production.


Jan 18, 2002 - JavaCandies 1.1 Released

Version 1.1 of the Java Candies includes some bug fixes and a new date chooser component.

Dec 28, 2001 - JavaCandies Open Sourced under LGPL

Europa Systems Ltd. has released the Java Candies programming library under the LGPL. Europa Systems Ltd. now offers this software free, without any warranty to the general public. Under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License, developers are free to use the Java Candies software for projects, commercial or otherwise. Please read the terms of the LGPL at the GNU site for further information.